Beer #113 is Hop Riot Red, another from Lawrence, KS’ local brewery, Free State. Kind of a cool little back story to the name of the beer which you can read in the picture. The color of this beer is a medium brown but with deep, deep red hues. You can especially see the red when there is light shining through the body. There is very little lacing and head. It’s a medium-bodied beer that has a strong presence of malts and a consistent sweetness, kind of like honeydew. It finishes wet and proves to be very drinkable. Not a bad beer but nothing crazy special either.






ImageAlright, Beer #111 is Westside Rye Ale. If you saw my post yesterday, you know that Boulevard just released a 12pk sampler, and 2 of the beers they are supplying in it are testers they let people try on brewery tours.

Yesterday, I tried a great IPA, and today I am trying their other tester, Westside Rye Ale.

I’m really congested today, but for some reason this beer smells a little of rye but also a weird skunkiness type aroma (not strong, but subtle.) Not sure if it’s from my nose or what. The beer pours a light amber with tones of red. The head is extremely small and thin; however, you can see a good amount of carbonation flowing throughout the body. The beer tastes nutty and sweet, little undertones of caramel. I’m actually not a big fan of this beer…it tastes watered down to me…which is surprising b/c most of Boulevard’s beers deliver on flavor. I also think it is a little too heavy on the carbonation. Not a fan. Too light, not enough flavor. It tastes like a shitty domestic beer company trying to make a rich pale ale.


This beer company just came to Kansas from good ‘ol California – welcome to Kansas Stone Brewing Comapny.

I’m at one of my favorite bars in Lawrence, Henry’s on 8th, and they happen to have this on tap for me to try. Thanks Calvin for the recommendation!

It’s pretty dark in here but with the little light I have, I can tell the beer is a very crisp, clear golden. The head is small but very smooth and frothy. Little lacing is left along the glass as you drink. The carbonation is medium and smells very floral. There is a beautiful balance of bitter bite but one that also has some pine in it. This beer finishes very wet. If you are a hop head, this is your jam. Gotta be one of the top 10 IPAs I’ve had.

ABV: 6.9%, IBU: 77


BEER #86-#88

I’m not going to lie. This blogging has been really hard for me to keep up. I sware I’m drinking a new beer every day (except for a few sick days and procedure days…which by the way, I’m still getting over this strep and stomach flu so I’ve been extra slacking) — it is just very difficult finding time to actually write about these brews!


Beer #86 was Hex Ourtoberfest from Magic Hat Brewery out of Vermont. Honestly, I really did not like this beer. It has a slight taste of malts and hops, but it just tastes extremely watered down to me. I won’t be having this beer ever again and I suggest you don’t waste your money or your taste buds on it.

ABV: 5.4%; IBU: 25




Beer #87 was Wakarusa Pale Ale from 23rd Street Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas. There is a deep amber color to this beer and a small foamy, tan head. The aroma and taste are filled with malts and a little bit of bitter. You can also taste a slight sweetness of honey. Not a bad brew. I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of this beer, and I couldn’t find one on their website. Unknown abv and ibu.

photo(1)Beer #88 was Euphoria Pale Ale from Ska Brewery out of Durango, Colorado. I just want to start off by saying, I really enjoy the brews that Ska Brewing Company puts out. They make some of the best beers around that you can find in a  can in my opinion. The color of this beer was a nice amber. The head started off pretty small and in seconds was down to nothing. There was a minuscule amount of lacing left along the glass. The beer is filled with malts which is expected of a pale ale, but there is also a surprising sweetness of floral hops that breaks through and sticks to the palate. The carbonation is medium. Overall, not a bad brew and one I would definitely drink again.

ABV: 6.1% 

Again, apologies for failing at blogging. However,  I’m excited to have another one from Ska Brewing Company tonight. Stay tuned!