ImageAlright, Beer #111 is Westside Rye Ale. If you saw my post yesterday, you know that Boulevard just released a 12pk sampler, and 2 of the beers they are supplying in it are testers they let people try on brewery tours.

Yesterday, I tried a great IPA, and today I am trying their other tester, Westside Rye Ale.

I’m really congested today, but for some reason this beer smells a little of rye but also a weird skunkiness type aroma (not strong, but subtle.) Not sure if it’s from my nose or what. The beer pours a light amber with tones of red. The head is extremely small and thin; however, you can see a good amount of carbonation flowing throughout the body. The beer tastes nutty and sweet, little undertones of caramel. I’m actually not a big fan of this beer…it tastes watered down to me…which is surprising b/c most of Boulevard’s beers deliver on flavor. I also think it is a little too heavy on the carbonation. Not a fan. Too light, not enough flavor. It tastes like a shitty domestic beer company trying to make a rich pale ale.



This beer company just came to Kansas from good ‘ol California – welcome to Kansas Stone Brewing Comapny.

I’m at one of my favorite bars in Lawrence, Henry’s on 8th, and they happen to have this on tap for me to try. Thanks Calvin for the recommendation!

It’s pretty dark in here but with the little light I have, I can tell the beer is a very crisp, clear golden. The head is small but very smooth and frothy. Little lacing is left along the glass as you drink. The carbonation is medium and smells very floral. There is a beautiful balance of bitter bite but one that also has some pine in it. This beer finishes very wet. If you are a hop head, this is your jam. Gotta be one of the top 10 IPAs I’ve had.

ABV: 6.9%, IBU: 77



Well dear friends,

I think it’s clear from my lack of posting for a month…I’m retiring the beer blog. I have too many important things (beer is important but not as high on my priority list at this time) in my life going on right now and surprisingly, it’s very difficult to not only find a new brewsky every day but also to blog about it in enough detail. Once things settle down, I may be back to it but otherwise, I may have to restart the journey at another point in life. I had several more brews after my last blog, #98, but again could not find enough time to write about them.

Thanks for the follows, the comments and for sharing a common love with me: delicious beer.