ImageAlright, I know it’s only September, but I held off long enough and I’ve just go to start indulging in the fall beers that are hitting all the coolers.

So, want the perfect Octoberfest you’ve always been dreaming of? That crisp strong malt with just the slightest sweetness? Buy yourself a beautiful Free State Oktoberfest then.

The color of this beer is a light amber with some light rose hues when held up to the light. There is a good amount of carbonation flowing throughout the body that helps give a balanced crispness to each sip. The head is medium, frothy and smooth with small lines of lacing left along the

glass. It has the perfect breadiness mixed with maltiness and an underlying caramel accent…kind of like a perfect sweet bread that’s not overly sweet! YUM.

ABV: 5.4%


*PS – I’ve somehow messed up the counts of beers or something and am behind a few on here compared to the list I’ve been keeping to bring to liquor stores with me (it gets hard remembering which beers you’ve blogged about!)…so if anyone notices where I got off, please let me know!


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