ImageAlright, Beer #111 is Westside Rye Ale. If you saw my post yesterday, you know that Boulevard just released a 12pk sampler, and 2 of the beers they are supplying in it are testers they let people try on brewery tours.

Yesterday, I tried a great IPA, and today I am trying their other tester, Westside Rye Ale.

I’m really congested today, but for some reason this beer smells a little of rye but also a weird skunkiness type aroma (not strong, but subtle.) Not sure if it’s from my nose or what. The beer pours a light amber with tones of red. The head is extremely small and thin; however, you can see a good amount of carbonation flowing throughout the body. The beer tastes nutty and sweet, little undertones of caramel. I’m actually not a big fan of this beer…it tastes watered down to me…which is surprising b/c most of Boulevard’s beers deliver on flavor. I also think it is a little too heavy on the carbonation. Not a fan. Too light, not enough flavor. It tastes like a shitty domestic beer company trying to make a rich pale ale.


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