Want to see something delicious in its raw form?

photo 1 (3)

Want to see it in its even more delicious form?

photo 2 (3)

Boulevard paired up with Farmland to make these delicious beer brats using their famous wheat beer and pale ale. I have to say, I thought the pale ale was the winner. You honestly couldn’t taste too much of the wheat beer, but you got a nice darker taste with the pale ale. However, both were DELICIOUS either way, and my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Boulevard Brewery just released a new sampler 12-pk that has two of its year-rounds,its Wheat and its Hoppy Wheat, or 80-photo 3 (3)acre (both of which I have blogged about previously and both of which are two of my favorite go-to beers). However, Boulevard decided they also wanted to bottle up some of their test brews they offer to tour guests and share the wealth with others to try. I am so excited to try these as I have actually not had them before, & I think it’s great Boulevard asks for feedback about these testers to see if they are worthy enough to be year-round offers. Boulevard will supposedly be doing this sampler-12 again but with different testers and perhaps year-rounds as well.

photo 4 (3)The two testers they had are “Mid-Coast IPA” and “Westside Rye Ale.” Today, I am going to blog about the Mid-Coast IPA as this is my favorite type of brew & Boulevard’s HOPPIEST beer!

The color of this brew is a lightly hazy golden.

The first thing I photo (5)noticed about its body is the reverse waterfall of bubbles everywhere. Lots of carbonation. It leaves a medium-thick head but one that is VERY frothy and light. It smells and tastes strong of pine, bitter (of-course!), orange/tangerine-flavors, and a sweet grapefruit that is very accentuated at the end as it combines with the bitter hops. This IPA is a HUGE amount of flavor and bitter, but yet, it feels like a very light beer. Bottle doesn’t have ABV, and IBU states it’s “over 100.”

This IPA reminds me of Odell’s IPA but with a little more bitter bite. Finishes smooth and delicious. EXCELLENT beer for hop heads.


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