ImageTonight’s beer is 5 Barrel Pale Ale from Odell Brewing Company in Colorado.

The color of the beer is an orangeish amber. There is a very frothy, smooth, small head that sits atop the body of the beer. The beer smells lightly of hops and malts. The taste has a decent amount of hop with a mix of different bitter floral hops swirling throughout. There is also a streak of malts. The carbonation is very high in this beer. You can see tiny bubbles constantly rising through out the body of the beer and this sensation tingles on the tongue. This is a decent pale ale and one I would probably have again although it is nothing super special.

ABV: 5.2%; IBU: 36



ImageTonight’s exciting beer is Triple IPA HOP DAM by Hoppin’ Frog Brewery out of Akron, Ohio. My birthday was a couple weeks ago, and one of my best friends decided to give me a birthday bag full of my favorite type of brew: IPAs. I have never had, nor heard of this beer, but I am damn excited to try it.

The color of the beer is a very hazy copper and is not all the way filtered as you can see residue left in the body of the beer. The head disappears quick. As soon as you open the bottle, you are hit with an immense wave of citrus hops. Now just prepare yourself for the taste. HOLY…! If you have a love for hops, this beer is for you. There is a sweet citrus in the body of the beer (think orange, grapefruit, maybe pineapple) with a tingling sensation left from the carbonation. There is also an influence of sweet malts. However, at the end, you are left with the sticky bitter EXPLOSION of hops lingering on your tongue. I am a HUGE fan. This is not an IPA for the light-hearted however. YUM!

ABV: 10%; IBU: “high IBU” 

BEER #75-#79

So with the mix of the holidays and being sick, I did a horrid job at updating this blog and have been nagged enough to finally sit down and do it. I had a few great beers over the holiday week which were pretty hard to keep down considering I had both strep throat and the stomach flu. So seriously, just be proud of me for drinking the beers even if I did fail at blogging…although, I have to admit the bubbles in the beer helped my throat.

ImageBeer #75 was Black Jack Porter from Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS. The color of the beer was a deep, deep brown, but not quite black. There was a very small, lightly tanned head that disappeared over the surface of the body of the beer pretty quickly. The beer had a medium amount of carbonation in it, but it was also very smooth-bodied. The beer was rich in roasted chocolate and coffee flavors. Overall, not a bad porter.

IBU: 30 

Beer #76 was Stingo (An English-style ale). This delicious bottle of beer was a collaboration between Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, Missouri and Pretty Things Brewery in Sommerville, Massachusettes. This is hands down one of the best beers I’ve had. The color is a deep brown with a nice smooth head. The aroma and taste of the beer is rich with coffee, chocolates, brown sugar, and malts. The beer finishes at the very end with a very slight, but noticeable, tart, hence the name Stingo. I looked up some more information about this type of beer, and I guess it’s a 17th century style English beer that is rarely made now. If you get your hands on one of these, enjoy it slowly as you may never get another one like it again!

ABV: 8.5%; IBU: 35

ImageBeer #77 was an Irish Style Lager from Rogue brewery in Oregon. This beer had a nice hazy orange golden color to it with a medium thickness, but frothy, head. This is a light-bodied beer that offers a smooth taste of wheat. There is also a tart, apple/orange-like citrus sweetness that infiltrates the body of the beer and lingers on the palate. This is a very clean, crisp light beer and one I would enjoy again. 

ABV: 5%; IBU: 28 



Beer #78 was Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado. This beers pours an extremely dark, dark brown…it is on the verge of being black. There is a medium smooth head added on top of the body. The first thing you really smell and taste from this beer is a decadent amount of rich dark chocolate malts and roasted coffee beans. However, toward the end, you get an interesting light flavor palate of vanilla swirling in. I honestly taste more porter than vanilla in this brew, and I wish they had put more of a vanilla taste in it. However, it’s not a bad brew, and one I would probably have again as a dessert brew.

ABV: 4.7%; IBU 16

ImageAnd finally, Beer #79 was The Sixth Glass, another Smokestack brew from Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, Missouri. This beer pours a deep amber and the head is huge when you first pour it. Make sure you pour this one slowly with a good tilt in your glass. The head will dissipate quickly though and leave very small traces of lacing behind. The aroma and taste of this beer is just delectable. It has a malty sweetness, and you get strong hints of toffee, brown sugar and and yeast, and you also can taste a good amount of the alcohol content in here. This baby is an excellent brew, but be careful of the high alcohol content. One glass of this will make you feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside. And it went deliciously with a pork-chop that I just had to show you.

ABV: 10.5%; IBU: 22

Alrighty…think I’m caught up for now. I haven’t had today’s beer yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be full of hops. Stay tuned!


ImageTonight, I went to our local brewery and tried one of their new IPAs: Northern Lights IPA.

The body of the beer is a deep translucent amber. There is a smooth frothy medium head that simmers down pretty quickly. I taste and smell a lot of malts, maybe even more so than the hops, in this IPA. However, as you drink this brew down and taste the abundance of malts, you are also hit with a very intense bitter bite that lingers on tongue. In my opinion, the beer finishes sour and sticks to the palate. In fact, I am not a big fan of the taste of this beer. It’s rich with malts and hops, but they’re in discord and leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.



So I’m a Christmas fanatic. I know it’s not even thanksgiving yet and many believe that xmas decorations should not be put up until after, but I COULDN’T WAIT ANY LONGER.

So in honor of early Christmas decorating, I decided to have Boulevard’s winter seasonal: Nut Cracker Ale. The color of the beer is a deep amber, and there is a frothy medium head that leaves small lacing along the glass. This is a spicy beer but you can still taste a bite from the hops. There are influences of deep caramel-like malts and tastes strongly of molasses as you finish each sip. Not a bad winter beer but nothing that gives me that “wow-factor.”

ABV: 7.8%; IBU: 38


ImageSo I work at a doctor’s office, and I believe I have finally caught some awful virus that’s going around and infiltrating the lives of my patients and all of my co-workers. However, I have powered through and chosen Titan IPA from Great Divide Brewery out of lovely Denver, Colorado to try today.

The color of the beer is a slightly hazy golden with tints of light orange. There is a small soapy thin head with very minuscule patches of lacing holding onto the sides of the glass. The beer is very light-bodied. This is a smooth beer with the addition of some light carbonation. I am pretty congested and can’t smell much which I think is affecting the flavors I’m getting from it. Honestly, I can really only taste a very bitter bite of hops and a slight amount of malts. I’m not getting any great flavors from it, and it honestly tastes like a watered down beer to me with some tonic water. However, I would take this with a huge grain of salt b/c I can’t smell anything which is killing my beer taste buds. I am going to have to try this beer again b/c I love bitter-filled hoppy IPAs, but I am only able to taste a few of the ingredients brewed into this brew instead of all of the ingredients swirling together that add and compliment the bitter bite. Any of you guys had this beer – what did you think?

ABV: 7.1%


ImageTonight’s beer is Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic Brewery out of California.

The color of the beer is a nice clear golden. The head pours medium but quickly goes down with just a small layer on top. Very small patches of lacing are left along the glass. The taste of this IPA is great. There is a beautiful harmony of citrus and floral hops swimming through out the body of the beer while you still get a decent bitter bite. However, it tastes like there is also some honey or agave infused in. The carbonation is light. Overall, this is a solid citrus IPA that is a bit sweeter than most.

ABV: 7.0%; IBU: 75+